Manufacturers of electric Bikes in Pakistan

Top manufacturers of eBikes in Pakistan

Below are some renowned manufacturers of eBikes in Pakistan. Explore them for model lineup of each company and eBikes prices in Pakistan.

Click to Explore VLEKTRA No. 1 electric Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

Trends in swift transportation of smaller vehicles i.e motorcycles and motorcycle Rickshaws has replaced expensive and larger vehicles in Pakistan. Peoples do not travel on busses from village to city for their needs instead they uses their bikes or travel on motorcycle Rickshaws.

JOLTA EELECTRIC is Pakistan’s 1st recognized eBike company


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MS JAGUAR Travels upto 200 KM in one charge

PAKZON EELECTRIC has a vaste range of eBikes and electric Bicycles

ROAD KING 100 KM in full charge

MEGA ELECTRIC produces ME-80 and Heavy Bikes

National E-Vehicle is a private Limited company, assembles Electric Bikes in Pakistan with the brand name of “National”.

Teleport Pakistan is a startup company in Peshawar

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After Imran Khan government announced its first electric vehicles policy of Pakistan to fight effects of climate change the whole world is facing right now, many companies started manufacturing eBikes in Pakistan, motorcycles, bicycles and rickshaws. A large portion of Pakistani society uses two wheelers as a mean of transportation in their daily lives as these are cheaper to purchase and maintain than cars and SUVs.

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